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How can I really make my battery power last?

Check out your owner’s manual for the best information on maintaining the efficiency of your battery. Your owner’s manual should be the first place you go for answers and safety tips. We do have general advice to help you out, however:

  • Perform a monthly inspection, including:
    • Inspecting wiring for loose terminations, fraying, and corrosion of insulation
    • Check electrolyte and water levels
    • Clean batteries with a baking soda and water solution (¼ cup baking soda mixed with 1.5 gallons or 6 liters of clear water) with a garden-type sprayer. Use a sprayer that has a non-metallic spray wand.
  • Charge your golf cart after each use. Batteries do not have a memory, so they don’t need to be discharged before charging.
  • Allow 10 – 14 hours for charging. Only remove once the charger has shut off on its own.

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