Discover the Power and Freedom of an LSV from Garrett's Golf Cars

We are proud to offer the E-Z-GO Liberty and Cushman Tour & Hauler PRO LSV models.

With a top speed of 25 mph and upgraded safety features, our street-legal LSVs provide an eco-friendly alternative for neighborhood commuting and errands.

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As a premier dealer for over 30 years, Garrett's Golf Cars provides an exceptional buying experience, from test drives to customization to personalized financing options. All our LSVs are made in Augusta, GA, by E-Z-GO and Cushman for unparalleled American craftsmanship and quality. 

Model Key Features Top Speed Range Seating Custom Options
E-Z-GO Liberty LSV Samsung lithium battery (8-year warranty), safety features, Apple CarPlay Up to 25 mph Up to 45 miles 2-4 passengers Wheels, lift fits, sound systems
Cushman Tour LSV Samsung lithium battery (8-year warranty), safety belts Up to 25 mph Up to 60 miles 4 passengers Doors, lighting packages, custom paint
Cushman Hauler PRO LSV Samsung lithium battery (8-year warranty), cargo bed, backup camera, automatic brake Up to 25 mph Up to 45 miles 2 passengers Hitches, tool bins, wheel covers

Experience the benefits of buying from Garrett's.

You'll save money on fuel costs and maintenance with an LSV while helping preserve the planet for future generations.

Our electric LSVs produce zero emissions, reducing environmental impact and your carbon footprint.

"The lithium battery in my E-Z-GO Liberty LSV from Garrett's saves me money on gas and maintenance. It's the ideal green vehicle!"

Mark C., Charleston

Benefits of an LSV from Garrett's:

  • Powerful: Robust electric motors handle hills and long distances.
  • Customizable: We tailor your LSV with seating, cargo, sound systems, wheels, and accessories for your lifestyle.
  • Road Legal: Legally drive on streets thanks to DOT-approved features.
  • Cost Saving: No gas or maintenance with convenient at-home charging.
  • Safety: DOT-approved features like seatbelts, mirrors and lights keep you protected.
  • Peace of Mind: Samsung has the industry’s best warranty.

Garrett's LSV Buying Process:

  1. Chat with us: We have 30+ years of experience, so our experts make selecting your perfect LSV enjoyable and hassle-free.
  2. Find your match: Allow our knowledgeable staff to match you with the right LSV.
  3. Test it out: Test drive our E-Z-GO & Cushman models on our course.
  4. Customize: Make your LSV your own with personalized options.
  5. Pay: Explore purchase/lease options with our financing team.
  6. Maintain: Rely on our certified techs for any parts or service you might need.

"I absolutely love cruising around our neighborhood in my new LSV from Garrett's! Their team helped me pick the perfect model for my needs."

- Sarah M., Greenville