Yard Card & Sheffield: Financing Your Golf Cart

Garrett's Discount Golf Cars utilize Sheffield & Yard Card Financing options!As a licensed E-Z-Go dealer here in South Carolina, we have available to us the financing options that E-Z-Go has arranged through Yard Card and Sheffield. While the options are very different, both allow you to pick up your very own golf cart without the hassle of providing the entire cost up-front.

Yard Card Financing Details

The Yard Card financing options involve a revolving credit-card program. To see if you are qualified or approved for financing with Yard Card, click the button below to apply or contact us at any of our locations.



Sheffield Financing Details

E-Z-Go and Sheffield Financing partnered to provide fixed-rate installment loans for purchases of E-Z-Go vehicles. Check with Sheffield to find out current rates just by clicking the button below.


These financing options give you the freedom you need to make the right decision on your golf cart, without worrying about having the initial purchase price ready up-front. For even greater security, we suggest a warranty plan. Ensure you’re covered if any problems should arise. You can learn more about our warranty program by clicking here, or by contacting us by phone at (843) 881-8894, (843) 881-8894, or online today!