Customize: Neighborhood & Family

Personal golf carts are great for neighborhoods and communities with a mix of shops, businesses, schools, and recreational activities all together. From trips to the grocery store to taking the kids down to the pool, your golf cart is a part of your daily life. It’s the ideal choice for going house to house on Halloween or your neighbor’s barbeque. Why not upgrade it with the newest features for a better, more comfortable ride. While fun and customization are important, we also want your vehicle to be safe and perform at its best. E-Z-GO's golf cart parts and accessories provide the highest level of safety, durability and reliability.

From upgraded seats to speaker systems and more, take your golf cart to the next level with accessories adding comfort, custom style, and entertainment that's fun for the whole family. View this guide to help find the best golf cart parts and accessories to fit your lifestyle.

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Brush Guards

  • Protect the front lights and body of your golf cart or utility vehicle
  • Available in stainless steel, chrome and black to create a tough, rugged appearance

Cargo Beds

  • Haul more cargo and supplies with ease
  • Add an optional electric bed dump to help raise and lower the cargo bed
  • Available in Steel, Aluminum, and Plastic


  • Keep beverages cold and readily available to stay hydrated on the job
  • Coolers mount to the side of the vehicle taking up less room for tools and equipment
  • Coolers mount to the side of the vehicle taking up less room for tools and equipment

Mud Guards

  • Protect yourself and the interior of your golf cart from mud and water splash
  • Great for larger, off-road tires with deep treads that kick up dust, mud, and debris
  • Available for front and rear tires

Heating and Cooling

  • Comfortably navigate the outdoors in colder weather with a C.V. golf cart heater
  • Stay cool with a golf cart fan to help tolerate the heat
  • Use a DC-DC Converter on these products to maintain battery performance and avoid premature battery failure

Heavy Duty Leaf Springs

  • Maintain better stability and performance with better support for your vehicle's suspension
  • Recommended for the additional weight added by a rear seat or a cargo bed

Lift Kits

  • Allow you to add larger, off-road tires to your golf cart
  • Provide higher round clearance to cover more rugged terrain
  • OEM lift kits are extremely durable and safe, and are specifically designed to work with the vehicle's suspension

Off-Road Tires and Wheels

  • Off-Road tires have deeper treads for better traction across terrain with dirt, mud, sand, gravel, and turf
  • Larger tires also provide higher ground clearance
  • Available in 10, 12 and 14 inch wheel size with 23 inch Backlash X tires

Rear Flip Seat Kit

  • Bring more passengers along for the ride with rear seats
  • Opt for a flip seat kit which flips from seats to a cargo deck for dual-functionality


  • Stay cool under the sun or dry from the rain with a golf cart top
  • Available in standard 54 inch for two passenger vehicles and 80 inch for four passenger vehicles

Towing and Hitches

  • Having towing capabilities can be very convenient and useful to haul other supplies and equipment
  • Add a tow hitch and ball and/or receiver to your vehicle


  • Protect you and your golf cart or utility vehicle from poor weather conditions
  • With a 70% polycarbonate / 30% acrylic blend, our windshields are impact and crack resistant leading to a more durable and safe product