Customize: Beach, Sand & Surf

Enjoy paradise even more and make other beach-goers envious with your “fun in the sun” customized golf cart. What first started as a single chair and towel has grown to a major hauling of beach supplies. With chairs, beach bags, coolers, towels, boogie boards, shovel and pale, and enough sporting items, you’ll feel like walk from down the road seems like an extravagant expedition. Carrying everyone, and everything, to the beach is so much easier in your golf cart. Add in the additional storage and protection from the sun and no wonder you see another golf cart around the corner. Just remember to bring the sunscreen!

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DC to DC Converter

  • Maintain your golf cart battery performance by providing even power supply to accessories from all batteries rather than draining one individual battery
  • DC to DC Converters provide 12 volt power to electronic accessories such as lights and speakers to prolong battery life


  • Staying dry and comfortable from hot or cold temperature is key for optimal golf cart cruising
  • E-Z-GO enclosures are made of durable material and are designed specifically to find our vehicles providing a better seal and level of protection
  • Available for two to six passenger models with a variety of colors

Glove Boxes

  • Securely store your belongings by adding glove boxes that you can lock
  • Glove boxes are easy to install to your dashboard

Heavy Duty Leaf Springs

  • Enjoy a more comfortable ride with better support to your vehicle's suspension
  • Recommended for the additional weight added by a rear seat and passengers


  • Headlights and tail lights provide greater visibility allowing for a safer ride
  • We recommend adding a DC-DC Converter to maintain battery performance with lights


  • The 5 Panel Wink mirror provides a clear panoramic view of your surroundings for a safer ride
  • A regular rear view mirror is available, as well as round convex mirrors to help with blind spot visibility

Nerf Bars

  • Make easier to step in and out of your golf cart safely by adding a nerf bar to the side of your vehicle
  • Available in mutiple finishes to compliment the rocker panels and style of your golf cart

PTV Kits

  • Upgrade your golf cart with some of the parts you need to be able to use on designated roadways (where permitted by law or regulatory authority)
  • A PTV Kit includes headlights, brake lights, reflector decals, horn, and harnesses for installation


  • For your safety it's important for you to see other golf carts and be seen but other drivers
  • Red and yellow reflectors help your golf cart be more visible and are available separately or as part of a PTV Kit

Seating Options

  • Bring more passengers along for the ride with rear seats for your golf cart
  • Available as a fixed kit or flip rear seats that provide dual functionality as a cargo deck
  • Luxury golf cart seats provide ultimate comfort with top quality cushioning and matching headrests and armrests. Available in three unique colors

Speakers and Audio

  • Ride to the beat of your favorite music with high quality, waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Choose from a variety of Kicker Speaker Systems or the Wet Sounds Sound Bar for flexibility and easy installation

Storage Covers

  • Protect your golf cart from the elements, especially when it's not in use in the off season
  • Available for two to six passenger models in a durable, lightweight and water-resistant material

Tires and Wheels

  • Upgrade your wheels for customized style and your tires for better traction and maneuvering
  • Available in 10, 12 and 14 inch wheel sizes with Backlash street or Backlash X off road tires
  • For larger off-road tires you will need to add a lift kit to your golf cart


  • Stay cool under the sun or dry from the rain with a golf cart top
  • Available in standard 54 inch for two passenger vehicles and 80 inch for four passenger vehicles in multiple colors to match your vehicle

Turn Signals

  • Golf cart turn signals provide an added safety measure while driving to your favorite places
  • E-Z-GO turn signals work with OEM lights providing so you don't have to worry about adapting your vehicle's lights


  • Enjoy the ride while being protected from poor weather or a harsh glare from the sun
  • With a 70% polycarbonate / 30% acrylic blend, our windshields are impact and crack resistant leading to a more durable and safe product